Cost Accounting

4301 W. Markham, M/S 545
Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 526-7452

Ty Stephens, CPA Director

Ty Stephens, CPA

We train and assist with costing regulations for grants, analyze and research resource consumption for the campus, track institutional resource allocation supporting research, and monitor the research mission’s financial position for the campus. We also work with federal F&A auditors, independent Financial Statement auditors, independent Time and Effort auditors, as well as internal audit groups.

  • Preparation and negotiation of a Facilities and Administration proposal
  • Education and assistance establishing Research Recharge Centers (CORES)
  • Posting and tracking F&A expenses for sponsored awards
  • Processing Amended Payroll Certifications (APC)
  • Training and monitoring effort reporting processes for the campus
  • Providing guidance with respect to institutional resources/cost share in grant projects
  • Conducting regular campus space surveys to analyze research intensive areas
  • Supporting the Grants Management Certification Program.


Division of Finance and Administration