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Mary Prince Payroll Manager

Mary Prince
Payroll Director

The Payroll section of the UAMS Controller’s Office provides centralized professional payroll disbursement services to all UAMS employees.  The Payroll section is specifically responsible for:

  • Ensuring accurate and timely disbursements are made to UAMS employees based on appropriate documentation supporting accounting and disbursement
  • Working with employees and UAMS staff involved with payroll to answer questions and resolve payroll related issues
  • Collaborating with UAMS colleagues in the Office of Human Resources, who are responsible for the employee records and policies prescribing key attributes of employee compensation, to facilitate the calculation of accurate employee pay
  • Collaborating with UAMS colleagues in the Treasurer’s Office, who are responsible for the payment function, to provide appropriate authorization for the issuance of payment to employees and related tax authorities and other payroll-related third parties
  • Maintaining documentation supporting the calculation of payroll disbursements and providing this as needed to interested parties, such as auditors and regulatory authorities
  • Preparing, filing and issuing required reports of payroll disbursements in compliance with regulatory requirements


Division of Finance and Administration