Treasurer’s Office

4301 W. Markham, M/S 560
Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 686-6126


Kristy L. Walters, MBA, CPA, CHFP, CISA
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance & Treasurer


The core objective of the Treasury Department of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is to protect and manage financial resources of the University through effective cash and investment management, while providing comprehensive treasury services to the institution.  These responsibilities will be conducted in a professional manner, maintaining the University’s reputation as a fiscally responsible institution and in the best interests of its students, faculty, and staff.

Major areas of management include banking, investments, miscellaneous receivables, deposit posting, and payment issuance. Functions of the department include:

  • Receipting deposits from departments at UAMS
  • Receipting electronic payments received by UAMS
  • Issuing checks for payment from UAMS to vendors or employees
  • Issuing wire payments and electronic ACH payments
  • Petty cash policy management and processing
  • Cash handling policy management and process management
  • Miscellaneous receivable management
  • Debt set-off program management
  • Investment reporting and posting
  • Endowment and quasi endowment management
  • Credit card processing  compliance
  • Banking relationship management
  • Cash forecasting and reporting
Division of Finance and Administration