Contracts Administration

Mail: 4301 W. Markham St., Slot 743, Little Rock, AR 72205
Office: 5800 W. 10th St, Suite 410,  Little Rock, AR 72204

Tamara Thomas, Director

The UAMS Contracts Administration Department provides centralized services related to revenue contracts across the campus. Contracts Administration manages the processes associated with contract development, billing, and collections, including working with faculty, UAMS Business Development Office, and UAMS clients on contract language and ensures contract terms are met with a goal of maximizing UAMS revenue opportunities.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate and provide assistance to department administrators in the creation and renewal of revenue contracts
  • Obtaining necessary legal approval for all proposed contracts as required by UAMS policy, University of Arkansas System policy, and state law
  • Manage billing and collections of revenue contracts not to include clinical payer billings
  • Provide business planning and evaluate profitability of new and existing contracts
  • Provide standard documentation and procedures and ensure adequate accounting and financial reporting
  • Provide analytics and financial reporting related to revenue contracts to management, departments, and clients
  • Maintain the Contracts Management System


Division of Finance and Administration